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Autochartist is a leading automation technology analysis tool for trading softwares and trading platforms .Autochartist identifies trading opportunities across hundreds of financial instruments.


Autochartist scans the market day-to-day, using its state-of-the-art identification tools to identify the most promising trading opportunities and predict future volatility.


Main performance of AutoChartist

chart.png  Chart form recognition-identify Chart form recognition-identify all types of chart forms-both emerging and formed-uses a form quality indicator to help you make the right decisions.

fibonnaci.png  Fibonacci form recognition recognition-automatically identifies a range of simple and complex Fibonacci forms, from retracement to butterfly form.

lock.png  Key Price Analysis Autochartist helps you set up stop-loss and limit orders by identifying support and resistance levels. The software classifies prices into breakthroughs and proximity.

pttrn.png  Morphological quality indicators A set of four visual indicators that allow the user to determine the probability of a form at a glance.

Autochartist excludes time and complexity from the execution of professional technical analysis-so no matter what your trading style, trading opportunities will never be missed.

Start using Autochartist in trading software-seize your trading opportunity now!

Autochartist is fully integrated into the trading softwares and trading platforms, as a professional-level automated form recognition tool, AvaStocks will provide free services for users who meet the deposit requirements. For more information, please contact your account manager or customer service at400-050-7282

Autochartist's services and content are used to provide information only. The information presented does not take into account any individual's own circumstances, investment objectives or risk tolerance, and does not constitute trading advice from AvaStocks.



For more information, click on the Autochartist user's manual on its website:Autochartist user's manual

For Autochartist Automation technical analysis tools, contact your account manager.


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