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Service MAM

Multi-account management system can realize synchronous transaction of multiple accounts. The fund manager only needs to trade on the trading software terminal through MAM account to realize synchronous execution of trading instructions of multiple sub-accounts, so as to realize multi-account fund management function.

MAM account features and advantages:

· place orders through the main account

· compatible with EA (expert advisor) and automated trading strategies

· placing orders does not limit the number of customer accounts 

· create multiple transaction subgroups for various strategies

· multiple distribution types: including distribution by balance, number of hands, percentage and net worth 

· provide partial closing function according to the account level

· distribution can be started when the customer's trading volume reaches 0.01 lot

· compatible with all types of trading software orders: stop loss, limit price, tracking stop loss, close all, etc

The MAM system also provides all the information you need to manage your customer list, including pending transactions, balances, profits and losses, and customer contact information.

AvaStocks provides flexible and competitive remuneration schemes for fund managers and referral brokers. Fast setup and continuous high levels of support enable money managers to quickly and efficiently gain customer recognition and maintain good working relationships with customers.

This is one of the reasons we were named the best affiliate program to JFEX in 2014 and the best affiliate program of Forex Magnates in 2012.

· Strong mobility and reliable execution.

· Provide fixed, floating, and original spread.

· Leverage up to 400:1.

· Can be traded for an unlimited number of customer.

· Flexible commission structure.

· Multilingual trading platforms and marketing materials.

· Professional introduction broker.

· Monthly payment on time

Trading CFDs entail risk and could result in the loss of your capital, not suitable for all investors