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What is online stock trading? ? 


Online Stock trading is generally believed that it is a trading mode which obtains real-time market information of the trading platform online and using the Internet to transfer their trading orders to trading platforms. 


What are the benefits of online trading? 


(1) more convenient trading and more complete securities information;

(2) not subject to geographical restrictions and can search online transactions in different places;

(3) free from external interference and low cost. 

How to trade online stock on AvaStocks? 


When you start trading stocks on AvaStocks, you will get everything you need and have a smooth, pleasant trading experience.

We provide a powerful trading platform where you can trade instantly on real-time charts and set up a variety of orders, stops and limit orders to manage your portfolio.You can also trade your stocks on the same screen as stocks and commodities.


Is it safe to trade stocks online? 


(1)  256-bit SSL encryption across the entire website.

2)  Embedded True-Site identity assurance seal.

(3)  WebTrust compliant, as determined by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

(4)  Use McAfee Secure (HackerSafe) to prevent credit card fraud and identity theft

(5)  All client money is stored independently.

(6)  Clients’ accounts are regularly audited by group auditors from Grant Thornton UK LLP.


How fast is the execution of online stock trading?


As with low spreads, high-quality trade execution can also affect returns.  AVA automates every step of the trading process, without any human influence, to ensure that your transactions are executed instantly at the price you request or better. AvaStocks provides efficient transaction execution with a dedicated server, and we promise an average execution speed of 7 millionths of a second.


What are the advantages of trading online Stock CFDs for investors? 


In recent years, Stock CFD trading has become more and more popular.

When you trade a CFD, you are not buying the stock itself, but a contract. You have reached an agreement with a broker to settle the bid-and-forward spread for this stock. That is, when you trade Stock CFDs online with AvaStocks, you gain a flexibility that is normally impossible under stock market rules.

With CFDs, you can easily sell stocks and you can also profit from price fluctuations when the market is falling,. This is as easy as buying stocks. More importantly, because you're not really buying real assets, and you can get a leverage up to 20:1, you can take big positions with small investments. Of course, leverage can significantly magnify your losses as well as your gains.


Is it convenient to withdraw and deposit on the platform? 


Various deposit methods: we support UnionPay debit card, MasterCard / VISA foreign currency credit card, wire transfer and other deposit methods.

Efficient withdrawals and deposits : clients can withdraw and deposit conveniently, and the entire process is fully automated, to avoid the possibility of manual operation error, avoid clients concren.

Dedicated follow-up assistance: our customer service and the specialist will provide timely application assistance and problem solving through e-mail, telephone and other methods.



Where can I get help if I have problems when trading stocks online? 


(1)  AvaStocks provides you with 24/5 customer service in multiple languages

(2)  Free Chinese telephone number: 400-050-7282 

(3)  General enquiry email:

(4)  various online education resources. From Monday to Friday, the chief analyst of AVA will take turns to answer your questions. 


AvaStocksWhat stocks can trade online at AvaStocks?


At AvaStocks you can trade Apple, Alibaba, Google, Amazon and more than 100 major stocks online.


在AvaStocksWhat are the advantages of trading stocks online at AvaStocks?


With AvaStocks, you can buy stock CFDs from global giants’ CFDs with one click. You can trade large companies listed on exchanges such as NYSE, NASDAQ and LSE through our stock CFDs without the fees or restraints associated with traditional stock trading.

·         Your trading leverage can be magnified up to 20:1.

·         All major exchanges: NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE, etc.

·         One-stop trading for multiple categories of products such as stocks, indices, commodities, etc.

·         Multilingual online customer service support.

·         A broker with six global regulatory licences to give you a better trading experience.

·         Rich educational resources and auxiliary trading tools.

·         Multiple trading platforms can be selected, or you can enjoy trading through your mobile at any time.



How to open an account in AvaStocks platform?


(1)register your account through email

(2)review information and download transaction software

(3)start your transaction with deposit

Trading CFDs entail risk and could result in the loss of your capital, not suitable for all investors