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Activity Acquisition Condition

  • Activity Period: from now until March 31st, 2019
  • This activity is only for new direct customers who open accounts with AvaStocks during the period of the activity, not including affiliates and clients under the name of the affiliates;
  • This activity is for personal accounts only (one ID card can only be opened with one mailbox, one customer can open more than one accounts, but only one account can be selected to participate in the activity).
  • Direct customers' deposit this month and the number of transactions satisfied the activity standard, can only choose any one activity, not multiple choice ;
  • The customer who obtains the reward condition may not select the kind of real gift. If the stock of the gift is insufficient, other equivalent gift will be substituted. All gifts are official gifts from Manchester City Football Club.
  • The customer who has obtained the reward condition can not select the matches. AvaStocks shall designate the matches to be watched. If the customer cannot watch the matches due to personal problems, it shall be deemed as giving up. AvaStocks does not carry on the compensation by the cash form;
  • Customers who have obtained tickets to watch the game in Manchester, UK and VIP travel shall have to pay for their own visa procedures and fees.
  • For all rewards, customers shall send an email to to apply, including providing the customer contact information and trading account number. After approval, the customer manager shall contact and send the gift.

*AvaStocks reserves the right to interpret this activity


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