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Innovation passion integrity

AVAStocks is a brand new sub-brand of parent company AvaTrade group.

AvaTrade is proud to partner with the prestigious Manchester City. Our shared values are what bind us together. Using our faster execution speed, more innovative technology and more enthusiastic to serve customers.

We continue to innovate and focus on providing users with a more efficient trading platform, faster deposit & withdraw experience, and richer education and training.


Created in 2006 by Financial professionals and experts in web-commerce, AvaTrade is an online CFD and forex broker that serves clients all over the globe, providing a cutting-edge, user- friendly trading experience.


access to the markets


popular trading instruments

Mobile trading

at your fingertips

Trading education

and PRO analysis


multilingual support

Ultra-low point spread, only for you

AvaStocks is committed to providing customers with a superior transaction experience

Provide a competitive ultra-low spread account

Trading CFDs entail risk and could result in the loss of your capital, not suitable for all investors